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L’Albert de Brunyola

En Pere de Brunyola

La Mercè de Brunyola

En Pere d’Estanyol

We are four hazelnut producers from Brunyola and Comarques Gironines who have started a joint project of processing our hazelnuts and selling them to local farmers’ shops and retailers.

As producers, we are not content with production but want our hazelnuts to reach the final consumer in the best conditions, controlling the entire process ourselves from production to the table.

We are also working with processors, restaurants and pastry chefs who use our hazelnuts to make their pastry products.

To be able to offer the highest quality to our product, as producers we use a production system that respects the environment and during the harvest we take extreme precautions in order to guarantee the best storage conditions for the hazelnuts. As processors, we select hazelnuts from the best estates to be able to offer an exceptional product.

In the workshop, we prepare the hazelnut with the criteria and experience that has been passed down from generation to generation, giving it the optimal roasting point to enhance the aromas and flavors.

Our hazelnuts are of the appreciated Negreta variety with a balanced oil content, a crunchy texture, a sweet taste and that peels well once toasted. It is a variety that sets us apart from the rest of the hazelnuts in the world, it is the hazelnut of our land and makes it unique.

Our reason for being is to serve directly from the producer to the consumer, offering a product of proximity and short circuit at a fair price for both the consumer and the producer.

Nua esclovellana you are. Very traditional taste. You make many people’s palates water. Inside your very green envelope, you fill the whole field of hazelnuts with color. When your clove turns brown, you let yourself fall on our noble land of Brunyola and carpet the stump of the ever so fertile and brave hazel tree. The peasantry pours your harvest with full dedication And returns year after year to cultivate you with esteem